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Yo, there’s this Kickstarter I just saw on the Rune Factory 4 board on GameFAQs for this new game called Wild Season so I took a look at it and it SOUNDS REALLY AMAZING like slightly dark, mature Harvest Moon heres what features they got listed and they got a bunch more stuff on the kickstarter page: 

  • Play as a male or female character!
  • 8 Bachelors and/or bachelorettes for you to woo, romance and marry.
  • Same sex relationships.
  • Build relationships with characters that you can believe. make friends, and loved ones, or enemies and crazy exes with our custom built relationship engine: The Friend-Zone Engine.
  • Grow crops, raise animals, and sell their produce.
  • Multiple story-lines, relationships and choices for you to explore, ranging from a mature emotional roller coaster, to downright slapstick.
  • Make choices that change the world around you. Make your way into the town council and make decisions about where to take your town.
  • Participate or simply attend the many festivals that occur throughout the year, including fairs, competition, races, mystic sacrifices and more!
  • Discover the deep dark secret of your town, why it will cause worlds to collide, and decide what you will do with that knowledge.
  • Take part in part-time jobs to help build relationships, and fill your wallet in the early days.
  • Stop for a drink at the bar after a long day’s work to socialize. Who knows what you might learn! ( Especially on quiz-night!)
  • Initial Animal List: Cows, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Ostriches, Penguins, Llama, Horses & dogs
  • Fishing!
  • Cooking & Baking variety. Lots of recipe’s and way’s to make a dish. Compete locally, regionally and nationally to become the nations best cook/baker!

ITS REALLY CUTE AND SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS IN A HARVEST MOON ESQUE GAME IS EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED and also i hope some of the guys they listed are the bachelors bc wow excuse me lucas youre bangin

here’s the kickstarter right here they need 22,000 money please go help

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    isn’t it kind of sad that same sex relationships has to be mentioned as a selling point?
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